Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's to Say What's Right or Wrong?

Interesting propositions by Richard Sharvy. I agree with some of them that I thought I would not.

Richard Sharvy: Obituary

Hat tip to Mises Economic Blog.

Mises Economics Blog

Mr. Sharvy wrote:

Philosophers know many things about right and wrong that most other people do not know. Here are some examples of things that we know:

(F1) Women do not have the right to do whatever they choose with their own bodies.

(F2) There is no right to life.

(F9) The fact that something is illegal does not make it wrong.

(F10) Doing something wrong is not the same thing as wronging someone.

Jesus is not forbidding us to defend ourselves when attacked; he is urging us to ignore insults and to foreswear revenge. His command comes in the specific context of an injunction against revenge and retaliation...

A justified blow struck in self-defense is not wrong; it does not violate the attacker's rights...

People want to avoid making decisions; they want to avoid responsibility. People are afraid of being blamed for a bad decision; they do not expect to be given credit for a good decision. At work, they have a set of rules, and if they follow those rules, they feel that they are safe from being blamed, scolded, demoted, or fired. "I know it's stupid, but it's the policy" feels safe...

Who's to Say What's Right or Wrong?v

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