Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halfway back to normal sunrise time in Indiana

The end of 7.8 months of DST today gets Indiana halfway back to a normal sunrise time.

Asking our state legislators and governor to petition the United States Department of Transportation to put Indiana back in the central time zone again would finish the job.

The table below compares sunrise time today in Indianapolis with other United States cities located in their geographically-correct time zone.

Sunrise times on 1 November 2009

7:14, Indianapolis (eastern time)
6:30, Philadelphia (middle of eastern time zone)
6:28, St. Louis (middle of central time zone)
6:26, New York City
6:23, Chicago
6:18, Boston
6:14, Indianapolis (if returned back to central time)
6:14, Bangor, Maine
6:10, Nashville TN
6:04, Las Vegas


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