Thursday, March 12, 2009 Less Government is a Good Thing

"Demanding that the government provide fewer services, and stop charging us for those services, means that we can obtain those services for ourselves... and we can choose what services we get, who provides them, and how they are provided. Freedom of choice is a Good Thing. Also, a competitive market -- unlike a government monopoly -- tends to drive business to the most efficient providers of those services, thus lowering costs and freeing up resources (money) for other ends. This also is a Good Thing."

Government trash collection in my home town of Columbus, Indiana is a great example of this principle. They want to start charging for the "service", which has traditionally been supported by property taxes (which are now capped by the state legislature), but won't allow people to opt out and go with a (probably more efficient) private service (or self-service by dropping off trash at the county landfill). Less Government is a Good Thing

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