Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dream That Was America by Robert Hawes -- Campaign For Liberty

I agree with Robert Hawes, "God forgive us. The men who froze at Valley Forge, who crawled up the beaches of Normandy into the murderous teeth of Nazi machine gun fire, who faced undreamed of horrors in steamy jungles thousands of miles from the comforts of home, did not fight so that we could let our country slip into the hands of those who would re-make us in the image of our enemies. Whether you agree with every cause that Americans have spilled their blood for or not, we can acknowledge that most of them believed that they were fighting for freedom, to protect the whisper-fragile American dream. They didn't sacrifice to give us Moscow on the Potomac. We owe them, ourselves, and the future generations who must live with the world we give them, more, much more, than to let this happen with so little struggle. There was once a dream that was America. And friends, this is not it. This is not it."

Campaign For Liberty — The Dream That Was America   | by Robert Hawes

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