Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pro Libertate: Flying Shoes, Bursting Bubbles

Excellent observations from William Norman Grigg.

Judge Richard Sanders: "... we must speak our conscience in moments that demand it, even if we are but one voice."

Or, for that matter, if we have only one set of shoes to hurl at the Emperor.

Policymakers, from the Dear Leader on down, are hermetically sealed off from dissent of any kind. On those rare occasions when frustration and moral outrage find a fissure in that bubble and the serenity of a political celebrity is disturbed, the result is usually a prominent display of some kind of corrective violence directed at the dissident.

Because he's a sitting judge, Sanders won't be punished in any way for his eruption. A private citizen almost certainly would face some kind of reprisal: That, after all, is what Tasers are for.

Pro Libertate: Flying Shoes, Bursting Bubbles

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