Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now Who's Being Irrational? - Mises Economics Blog

S. M. Oliva writes:

But what about Mr. Kuhner's charge that Quebec sovereignty would "destroy Canada"? Well, so what? Canadian sovereignty -- like that of all nation-states -- is built on violence. The British conquered New France and renamed it Quebec in 1763. And this makes Canadian sovereignty permanent and irrevocable?. Heck, "Canada" itself did not exist as a confederation until 1867.

More to the point: If Quebec politics is dominated by "xenophobic, intolerant and irrational" secessionists, why should the rest of Canada want anything to do with them? Why force such people to remain in your union and, presumably, drag you down to their level? (Of course, the same could have been asked of Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans: Why were they so desperate to keep rent-seeking slaveholders as their countrymen?)

Now Who's Being Irrational? - Mises Economics Blog

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