Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Childish Homeschooler Syndrome, Part One --

Excellent advice and food for thought to grown up homechoolers from grown up homeschoolers. Probably pretty relevant regardless of one's educational experience.

Anna Sofia writes:

Of course, none of us were raised perfectly. Our imperfect parents, many of them first-generation Christians, often had to work out biblical marriage and parenting and family from the ground up. Homeschooling was an intimidating experiment for most. And yes, our parents made mistakes. However, once we consider ourselves adults we need to take responsibility for our own shortcomings.

There comes a point where every person must rise above his circumstances, for no circumstances are perfect. Each of us stands alone before God, individually responsible for his own deeds, misdeeds and lack of deeds, and God (we know from Scripture) does not accept blame-shifting.

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