Saturday, August 16, 2008

America First - by Charley Reese

"We live in strange times when politicians expect to get a pat on the back for returning to Americans $300 or so of their own dollars while giving Israelis $3 billion and Egyptians $2 billion..."

"They are, after all, American politicians, elected to serve the American people. There is nothing, not a word, in the Constitution that authorizes them to help any foreign nation in any way whatsoever. Foreign aid, in all its many forms, is clearly unconstitutional..."

"Global trade does not require treaties, alliances or military forces stationed overseas. It does not require our muck-brained Congress to turn over its constitutional duty to regulate foreign trade to the executive branch. It does not require our Supreme Court to even know what foreign laws say, much less apply them to Americans."

America First - by Charley Reese

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