Sunday, May 30, 2004

Chuck Baldwin -- "The Spirit of Fear" Controls Many Christians

Pastor Chuck Baldwin reminds Christians that "Duty is ours; results are God's."

Chuck Baldwin -- "The Spirit of Fear" Controls Many Christians

How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth?, by Harry Browne

Harry Browne asks, "Would removing Hussein be worth it if the cost were just one human life — but that life was yours?"

How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth?, by Harry Browne

WorldNetDaily: 'Hate crimes' bill: Prescription for tyranny

Robert Knight says, ' Let's go to the bottom line: The federal "hate crimes" bill lays the groundwork for persecution of Christians in this country... This isn't a slippery slope; it's a luge ride toward totalitarianism.

If you value the freedom to speak our minds, you might want to let public officials know in no uncertain terms how you feel about politicians who aid and abet the effort to create "thought crimes." '

WorldNetDaily: 'Hate crimes' bill: Prescription for tyranny

Friday, May 28, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Randall Terry's prodigal son, the homosexual, Part 2

Randall Terry points out that ' Homosexual behavior is suicide on the installment plan. '

' The homosexual activists have become masters of "mix and match." They talk about "feelings" and behavior as if they are one and the some. They are not... Homosexual behavior is wrong because it violates the way our Creator made the world, and the Laws He gave us... absent the Created order and standards of the Almighty, there is no reason to oppose same-sex-marriage... The reason we oppose homosexual marriage is because it violates the way God made the world – it attacks the institution He created; it betrays and defies the Laws He gave us. '

' ... If there is no God... then anything goes... But if there is a God who makes the rules, then He has imposed His morals on all of us, and we are obliged to obey and defend those ethics in the public square... The Declaration of Independence declares that our rights come from God. It also declares that Laws come from God, and that God is the Supreme Judge of the Universe. We do not get to pick our rights, nor the laws that govern our behavior... God loves homosexuals, and will redeem their lives, and give them the strength to overcome this self-destructive behavior... '

' Our bad feelings don't come from our Maker. Our feelings are ours – they come and go – but we can all control our behavior, and overcome unhealthy feelings... we must not confuse homosexual "feelings" with homosexual behavior... We must never give up the idea that people can change. '

' We know there is a God in Heaven who loves us, and has helped many of us turn from unhealthy and unholy behaviors by the power of the Gospel. Likewise, with the help of God's grace, many of us have overcome unhealthy feelings, or we have learned how to defuse those feelings, and not let them rule over us... To say that homosexuals cannot overcome their addiction and their behavior is to deny the power of the Gospel. '

' We must have enough love and courage to tell the homosexual movement the Truth: We accept that you have feelings and struggles that are self-abusive, and we hope and pray you overcome them. We will help you as we are able. We love you, because you are made in the image of God. But don't expect us to validate, lionize, legalize or otherwise elevate as "normal" your self-destructive addiction. Don't expect us to tell our sons and daughters that homosexual behavior is a healthy path they might choose someday. '

' If homosexuals seek to live at peace while they work on their struggles, fine... But when they seek to cram their agenda and perversions down our throat as good and normal, we must oppose them, and defeat their efforts. '

WorldNetDaily: My prodigal son, the homosexual, Part 2

Monday, May 17, 2004

U.N. sea treaty supporters feel the heat

Cheryl Chumley recounts some excellent arguments to let the LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty) stay lost.

ESR | May 17, 2004 | U.N. sea treaty supporters feel the heat: "U.N. sea treaty supporters feel the heat"

Friday, May 07, 2004

Stop Immigration, Start Deportation

Mitchell Brooks makes a compelling case that George W. Bush refuses to protect our sovereignty while keeping the Border Patrol woefully understaffed.

The Washington Dispatch

Law Of Unintended FCC Consequences

Excellent commentary by Stuart Epperson on the downside of trying to gore the other person's ox.

The Washington Dispatch

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Why Pictures of Flag-Draped Coffins Should Be Published (The Washington Dispatch)

Excellent case for the U.S. government to back off its attempted suppression of the true costs of our involvement in another undeclared war.

The Washington Dispatch